Heroes of Might and Magic 2 1.2 ( iOS )

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Year: 2012
Version: 1.2
Developer: justcoolapps.com
System Requirements: iPhone, iPod touch with firmware above 3.0
Language: English

After defeating all the enemies in the first part of the Heroes of Might and Magic, Lord began to rule the land Ayronfest enroth.
As many as 25 people enroth lived in peace and tranquility.
After the death of the Lord, his sons Archibald and Roland could not share the power.
Civil war broke out ...
You decide who enthrone ...

Game Heroes of Might and Magic 2 was created by New World Computing in November 1996. Series Game Heroes of Might and Magic is a continuation of the famous RPG series Might and Magic. By genre game can be attributed to the turn-based strategy, in general it is very similar to King's Bounty, which was released in 1991 is still the same New World Computing.

what's new in 1.2:
- Improved performance and fixes bugs
- Fixed problem with saving
- Increased accuracy prikosnoveniy.Skryt cursor.
- Added sounds.

Heroes-2-v1-2os30--ipa DOWNLOAD